Understanding Vital Greens

Understanding Vital Greens

Vital Greens is a unique formula that has a blend of nutrient dense greens, fruits, herbs and vegetables plus additional fibre, powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, prebiotics and probiotics and enzymes.

The supplement is predominantly a food-based mixture that has carefully selected ingredients combined into one great formula. The blend makes nourishing your body quick and easy.

Who Can Use The Supplement?

Vital Greens is ideal for the entire family and is great for anyone who wishes to maintain optimal health. It is suitable for all ages, whether you want to support great health, recovering from illness or simply have a busy life.

Vegans and vegetarians, as well as people on restricted diets due to allergies, can use this supplement. Vital Greens from Australian Vitamins is also suitable for people who consume wheat, gluten and dairy free foods. This powerful multi-nutrient has Thaumatin, a natural patented sweetener, to improve its taste.

Vital Greens :: Australia's Best Selling Superfood

Vitamin supplements are not a replacement for a healthy diet, so is Vital Greens. The supplement simply provides nutritional boost to assist people to live a healthy, happy life. People on warfarin therapy should seek medical advice before using Vital Greens. It is also recommended that expectant and lactating women consult a health care professional when considering using the supplement.

How Was Vital Developed?

Vital is the brand name under which the supplement is produced. The brand name started in 2000 with the development of Vital Green. The brand was developed by two naturopaths, Stephen Sprada and Shane Sullivan in a garage in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.

The two practitioners understood the body’s inability to absorb tablets as well as the modern day diet that failed to provide the required nutrients for healthy living. As a result of their dedication, extensive research, and analysis of the ingredients from around the globe, Stephen and Shane developed the health beneficial formula.

The brand has substantially grown and was acquired by Martin and Pleasance Pty Ltd in 2011. The move was to enable the two naturopaths to produce enough products to meet the demand of their customers.

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